Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Although things in my life are going very well lately, it seems like I have so much anxiety the last few days.

I think it's just a result of being overtired. Perhaps even low on some of my brain chemical stores from pushing myself all the time. The school projects just keep coming and the pace is relentless. Just day after day of having to get up and out the door.

If I could get to bed much, much earlier, I could adjust and catch up on my sleep. But I can't. There is just too much to take care of every evening. So I feel like we are always just that little bit behind.

And I know that I am not getting enough exercise either. That is such a mood lifter, but it's the first thing I let go of if my day gets too filled up. Ack.

I sooooooo do nnnnnooooootttttt like our school system. I just don't. I feel terrible saying that. After all the years I invested in it and was a big cheerleader for it. But I feel like it is trying to pigeon hole kids into spaces they cannot fit. It forces everyone to be alike, and roughs them up if they can't be, Agggghhh. My kids are doing really, really well. But it comes at a price of constant effort.

Which is making me anxious. :)

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