Wednesday, October 5, 2011


What a week! From last Friday to today, things are flowing smoothly, one after another.

My birthday was fabulous, really one of the best I've ever had. So many people remembered me and showed their love. I especially appreciated the lack of tension and anxiety. In contrast to other years, it felt like everything just fell into place, without effort or struggle.

We spent the weekend at my friend's new home in San Diego. Just a very low-key time, a big sleepover, with the kids all crashed on the floor in the den and the adults staking out the bedrooms. Her daughter's wooden bedframe creaked every time we moved, so S and I spent the night being very still and praying not to do any permanent damage to it!

My friend insisted on making a dinner, despite my protests. Three kinds of pizza, creamy quiche, too many nibbles to list, and multiple bottles of wine. Around nine pm, we caravaned to the coastline to watch the glowing tide. It was beyond incredible. With every wave, flashes of electric blue lightning danced within the water, creating a supernatural vision of beauty. The kids discovered that if they splashed each other with water, or dipped their hands and rubbed, they would see blue sparkles all over. They were soaked within minutes, romping like puppies in the dark night.

After moonset, I saw not one, but two shooting stars! And, honestly, all of my wishes were already coming true, so if someone out there needs it, you can have my extra wish. I'll give it to you to boost yourself along.

The next morning started with strong coffee and berry/nutella crepes. When a French woman insists on cooking for you, just go along with it! We spent the rest of the day exploring San Diego. At the harbor, we watched the procession of the Portugese Madonna, for the annual blessing of the fishing boats. It involved prayer and a lot of fireworks and flares sent up into the air. We took a harbor cruise, enjoying the spray of water and sun blown against our exposed skin.

Dinner was at my favorite Asian restaurant. Pumpkin curry, duck drunken noodles and a strong, bright blue martini put me in heaven! As the first customers of the night, we had the place to ourselves and greatly enjoyed the eighties jazz, glowing candles, and muted decor. Dessert was an entire plate of cupcakes, aflame with candles and Happy Birthday accompanied by tingling Thai bells.

The next day was a dream of teaching yoga, working, eating pie, making a huge Italian dinner for my parents and having my daughters insist that I open my gifts. They bought me tons of necklaces, and scarves, and my other friends sent cards and flowers and bottles of wine. One good friend even showed up at my door first thing in the morning, singing Happy Birthday over a pastry aflame with a candle!!

Truly, I felt so loved and valued. And since I actually enjoy getting older, I felt good about the whole thing. Accomplished. Settled. And very happy.

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