Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Autumn Moves

Autumn is always a time of energy currents and fluctuations. I couldn't sleep well last night; I could feel them moving and shifting just at edge of perception.

I can only try to center on the positive and hope that outcomes are beneficial. Generally, my optimism lifts me through these times. It's exciting, of course, to feel the waves and know that there are tremendous possibilities out there, waiting to come into our lives. An interconnected web of energy and circumstance, of choice and result, of past melding with future.

We've been having work done around house, and all of the changes, along with the intrustion of the workers, has unsettled me. Today, I have refocused my energy. I've burned away all my problems and protected my home with fresh intention. I felt so bad all last night because I snapped at our neighbor. He wanted to rebuild our fence on Halloween and I said absolutely not. For one thing, I am super busy on Mondays. For another thing... Halloween!! Really? Have some sense, people. Then I felt guilty about shutting his plan down. But there is just no way I can rip a fence apart during that week.

I have to be true to my own intuition. And enjoy the tremendous movements in energy that this season brings.

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