Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Other Side!

This song plays in the cozy cafe where I am tucked away, watching rain drift down onto the grey streets outside while I go over and over text I am writing for a proposal, trying to create the very best 2000 characters of program description possible.

I used to listen to the Red Hot Chili Peppers in my classroom. I'd lock the door during my conference period and interrupt my pile of grading to stare moodily out my windows, taking in the vista of mountain and sky, and wondering about the note of melancholy this song in particular stirred in me.

"How long, How long...?"

There was always a certain restlessness in me then, a certain anxiety about being overwhelmed by the nonstop duties of the day. Now, I work on my own schedule, at my own pace. I write for my daily bread. I am never lonely, unless I choose to be, since I am continually surrounded by other people. I have to say, I loved my life back then. I loved teaching. But there is a wonderful and glorious freedom in the way my hours unfold now.

I am so grateful.

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