Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ha! All Those Hours of Studying Pay Off

So, I'm sitting in a cafe in a city a bit far from home, innocently minding my business and sending out emails with various bits of info to various clients when who should walk in?

The super-handsome, tall, sexily-accented, French husband of one of my French's friend's friends. I leap to my feet and greet him with a big Bonjour! Ca va? and the appropriate double kiss. He joins me and we chat of his wife and girls, France, and his work, and our mutual friends, and even cows.

As he leaves to return to work (ha ha, I am already at work!), I realize that we have just had one of those scripted exchanges that you practice ad infinitum when you study a foreign tongue. You know, Jean Francois and Sophie greet up in a cafe and exchange pleasantries. And I have just lived through it in real life!

All those hours and hours of French are paying off in real friends! I'm tellin' you, you just never know what intriguing and pleasant thing the day is going to bring you next!

Go to cafes to write and just see what happens.

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crypto nomico said...

I always thought that accent was contrived, pretty much... So yeah.

studge = stud+smudge = he was a hunk before he got run-over by a bus.