Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why Are We Still Talking About This?!

… is what my friend said as she slid into the booth and joined us at our table. My other friend and I were halfway through our dinner and in mid-conversation as well.

Apparently, B, happily and steadily married to a charming husband, just didn’t have the understanding – or the patience – for why we girls might be talking about the ins and outs of relationships – again.

But C has had nonstop romantic drama for the last year. The constancy with which she struggles in love reminds me of a perpetual motion machine. At this point, I simply expect struggle as one aspect of her life, and thus, our friendship.

B’s blunt comment resonated with me; it stuck in my head. Now when I find my thoughts turning to the obsessive tracks that they prefer, I often laugh at myself and say scoldingly, “Why are you still talking about this?”

It’s a great line. Try it.

There are good reasons why we might still be talking about things, why issues or memories might still linger in our lives long after it would seem time to let them go. B had a point – why keep revisiting the past? But C and I had a point too. Sometimes even old business still feels fresh. And then, it does help to talk about it. With a patient, sympathetic friend.

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