Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wha Ha Ha Ha - My Ongoing Journal

Wha ha ha ha ha. Here I am at Sandwich Cafe and YOU are SO jealous!! The world-famous writer travels the city with her laptop slung against her side. She may be on break; she may be working. She watches all and sees all. You, dabbing at your lips with your crumpled paper napkin, your blue pin sparkling on your lapel. What is that - a small fiery lizard? And, You, with your anachronistic 50s hat and trench coat. And You with your crazy arm tattoo. Poetry, yes, we encourage, but scrawled along your forearm? It seems like the result of one really, really bad night. Dawn cracked slowly over the house and you were still there, quivering with your persistence and with those words left indelibly on your arm.

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