Wednesday, February 15, 2012


So, knowing the way that way leads on to way, I just bumbled around on the internet and wound up on Wil Wheaton's Twitter account. Just wanted to see for myself what is so great that it pulls in a whole "Wheaton's"* worth of followers.

And I have to conclude: I just don't get it. I DO NOT GET the appeal of Twitter.

It's just choppy to me. And time consuming. And clearly unnecessary as I survive without it on a daily basis.

I know most congresspeople need an account so they can send out inane updates as policies are discussed. And sports stars and celebrities.

But as much as I want to buy in and be enchanted, I'm just not.

I still think that adult Wil Wheaton is a bit creepy, no matter if he has 191, 607 followers or not, although that might be the envy talking...

*Twitter followers: Wheaton
The Wheaton is a measurement of Twitter followers relative to celebrity Wil Wheaton.[34][35] The measurement was standardized when Wil Wheaton achieved half a million Twitter followers, with the effect that Wil Wheaton now has 3.4 Wheatons himself. As few Twitter users have millions of followers, the milliwheaton (500 followers) is more commonly used.

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