Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wha Ha Ha Ha - My Ongoing Journal

He He He He He… it’s more of a quiet crazy giggle this morning than a maniacal evil laugh. I’m tired today. The wind is whipping and wrapping itself around our house. When I parked on the edge of the bluff, hoping to drink in the vista and clear my mind, the wind pushed my car like a malicious imp, rocking it back and forth. I wondered idly if a parked car could flip over, but without much actual concern.

Snow-capped mountains fell into the black pools of the clouds’ shadows as they chased by above, intent on their own vaporous affairs. I make a list of things to do during the day before I come back to my house so that I am not sidetracked into aimless puttering. Too bad I have to make so much money – it’s a lot of pressure that never stops.

I would have preferred to sit like a cat watching the grasses wave and bob. I was pretty sure that if I sat there long enough, and looked with the right focus, that the wind itself would become visible to me, huge trailing currents of purple and golden force moving vector-like above the land.

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