Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ahh... Back at the Office

I'm giving my brain a change up and writing at one of my favorite locales. I've still got quite a few proposals  for this week and even a deadline tonight, but I'm sick of sitting at the kitchen table, so I thought I might get more done if I was out somewhere.

It is amazing here.

The late afternoon sun is beaming through the tree branches. A bit ago, everything was gold and backlit with shiny edges. Tiny gnats flying around looked like stars dancing in the air. Now It's shifting to silver and deep greens. The air is growing cooler, and the light is slipping away imperceptably.  A green throated hummingbird flits between lemon blossoms. The happy fountain to my left burbles and bubbles, and I revel in being all alone in this wondrous space.

This wondrous space with a sturdy table and bench and amazing free wi-fi. It truly is perfect.

And the coffee is good too. :)

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