Friday, March 8, 2013

The Week in Review

Quite a week, it's been quite a week. With ups and downs like a twisting, mountain road.

Monday I spent the first two hours of what should have been the school day home-tutoring my daughter in her social studies homework. Then I taught a nice yoga class and had a walk through the downtown.

Tuesday, my daughter was late for school, I fought it out with the neighbor about the tree, my daughter came home sick, and we missed my younger daughter's band concert.

Wednesday, everyone stayed home sick. I took the girls to the mall for lunch where we brought birthday presents for friends and then got pedicures to let us de-stress. I worked hard to let go of my tension and depression. Then I spent a good three hours working companionably with the elder on an essay for her English class. It's shocking and appalling to me that she has never been taught even the basics of essay writing. She refuses to let me teach her properly. But she will work with me when she has an assignment. So I'm teaching her by doing. I also taught her how to use semi-colons in a series of items. Te he. The essay came out beautifully.

Thursday was amazing. I still took my daughter to school late. She simply refuses to get ready in a timely way. But after I got her there, I went to the most amazing yoga class ever. Live music and great companions made practice a spiritual event. Then I met my former boss for a catch-up lunch. And guess what?? She wants me to come back to work for her!! She's pregnant, so she wants me back part time for six months and then she wants me to take over her entire client case load for four months while she takes a maternity leave. Yay!!! The day before I was soooo depressed about our ebbing money and now I have way more money coming in for the whole rest of the year. Ahh, how fortunes can change.

You just never know what's coming next. Barn's burned down, now I can see the moon!

And today, Friday, my daughter was late AGAIN. (That's right - the fifth time this week. I really do not know how to help her. I am at a total loss.) Then I went to a birthday brunch with friends. That was great. We got to swap all our frustrations and tips as moms of beleaguered students. Then I went to Target and Trader Joe's. Then I picked people up and made brownies. I brought home two friends for my daughter with the idea that they are all doing their late math work together. That's necessary because they are already deep into Algebra I/II quadratic equations and I really can't help them anymore. While I rocked Algebra in my own high school days, it's been a long time since I've had to run through all those steps in a trouble-shooting kind of way. So I brought the peer support in, and they've been chatting and (barely) working for the last three hours. At least, I really know her friends well. They are a delightful group of girls. I try to focus on these blessings with my daughter and not just be overwhelmed by the time management issues.

So, struggles, resolutions and good fortune -- angst and love -- that's my week.

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