Monday, December 1, 2008

Good morning, all!

I just received the email below. I'm pasting it here for your reference as I know many of you are either writers or interested in writing. Mike Foley is an amazing teacher - enthusiastic, insightful, and deeply experienced. I've taken classes with him through the university and online, and I've always been thrilled with his invaluable and detailed feedback about writing projects.

Some of you may also want to join his mailing list and receive his free monthly writing newsletter.


"This holiday season, Mike Foley will once again offer a special discount on all
critique work. Short manuscripts (up to 100 pages, double-spaced) will be
reviewed at a 10% discount. Novel and book-length manuscripts will
be reviewed at a 15% discount. This offer applies to all manuscripts
received by January 1, 2009. Contact Mike Foley for a quote:

fee information, visit Mike’s website:"

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