Wednesday, December 3, 2008

when I am 93...

I made a decision last week, as much as one can ever make a decision about the future. I decided that, God willing, I intend to live for a very, very long time. Yep, I'm going to make it at least into my 90s, maybe even hit 100, round the bases and keep going.

See, I'm at that age in life when it's possible to stop thinking of oneself as young. I've seen my friends slowing down, shrugging away dreams, lowering their expectations for the rest of life.

But I think that's a huge mistake. Whatever you think is how you act. And how you act becomes how you live. So...

I've decided that compared to how I'll look and feel at 90 right now I am a picture of blazing youth and vitality. I've got teeth, I've got hair, and the sagging is not too bad. When I get out of bed, nothing creaks or pops and I can pretty much move however I want.

And, honestly, honestly, I believe it's only going to get BETTER from here. Oh sure, I'll get wrinkles; we all do. But who's to say that wrinkles are all bad. They just prove that you've lived a little.

It's just so exciting to think of such a long future stretching out before me. I have time to start a whole new, super successful career. Heck, I have time for two. With 5-odd decades out in front of me, I can achieve any dream I might wish.

I can easily devote the next 10 years to being the best, most attentive mother in the world, and then I'll still have time to hit every night club and cafe in Paris and London.

This intention brings with it some responsibility. If I'm going to live a long life, I want to be healthy and happy. That means that I have to live every moment like I'm going to be around for a long, long time. Healthy eating is a must. So is saving some money to fund all those travels.

I can't think of anything more important for a long and zesty life than daily exercise. I tend to be sedentary and slow, but if I want to be out dancing when I'm a senior - and I do!- then I better make sure to move as much as I can. Health leads to health, you know.

Okay, that's my plan. I know it's not all up to me. Fate might decide differently, and that would be fine. But, for the parts that are under my control, I have a positive intention, optimistic energy and the willingness to make choices to take me far along that yellow brick road.

Hey, why don't you come along?

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