Tuesday, March 13, 2012

He He He... Validation

Straight from the comments of my writing teacher about yesterday's assignment:

"Your narrative voice continues to be strong, and your personality comes through well. Very likable. That’s important. And you tell your story with some good detail and emotion, so readers (in a sense) get to live these events with you. You’re a good writer, Marie—fiction or nonfiction."

God. I just love this guy. I have learned so much from his lessons, AND I am just a sucker for anyone telling me that I am doing my work well.

I know. I know. I shouldn't put such attachment into receiving external validation.

But it is really, really nice to know that at least SOMEONE is appreciating my words.

I enjoy these classes so much because they push me a little (mostly with the arbitrary deadlines) and I receive such quick feedback. I've appreciated a quick response on my work ever since my waitressing days when the tip on the table was an instant job review, received by the dozens each shift.

I feel the way I do each time I take a writing class, or a positive step towards a future possibility - just the energy of commiting to even a small act brings rewards back to me. In this case, I feel closer than ever to a healthy friendship with a writing friend. And my work life keeps getting better and more lucrative too. Small steps can yield big rewards.


Anonymous said...

...mmm don't say 'sucker' okay?


Marie said...

Always the joke, huh?