Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Monday on Wednesday

Even though my week has been going for a few days now, I am only today starting to feel like it is truly underway.

I'm busy today, but in a nice calm way. Everyone in my family is just hanging out, literally in separate rooms, so it is calm and quiet. The tv is off, the windows are open and fresh air and birdsong are pouring in along with the new spring sunshine.

We had huge storms last weekend, and I loved every second of it. Just as my dog Emily is meant to be herding sheep, I am meant to be hiking across misty moors, perched at the edge of the sea. Rain poured down, temperatures dipped to the 30s whipped along by a bracing wind, and I insisted that my whole family take a walk up the hill behind our house. What better time to explore the area than when sleeting rain is blowing horizontally along the streets? They stuck it out until the hail became peanut-sized, then outvoted me and returned to the shelter of the house. Wimps.

Now it's sunny again. It's nice and it is cheery. But there will always be that part of me that craves the whipping, icy rain.

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