Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wa Ha Ha Ha Ha - My Ongoing Journal

The sidewalk stretches away from my view towards the horizon point. From the cafe window, I have an open view of the street before me. Parts of memories are stirring within me, and things that want to be poems - playing with the words long and longing, with long longing - and the long sidewalk before me reminds me of many sidewalks I have walked upon in my life. Some alone, some accompanied. In a wide variety of moods.

Long longing is stamped within
and those of us who
are sympathetic to the struggles
of others
recognizing within them
that same hunger for peace for joy
for something other
than what they currently have
the something other almost
always being the trap
that dilutes their focus from the
within their grasp

Yeah, well. Something like that.

My friend is being forced to choose between her two boyfriends tonight. At least, that's what I've heard - from several sources. We'll see if she actually does or if they continue to hang around in the spiraling chaos that they have all managed to create within their lives. It's been going on for a long, long time (no pun there) so I've pretty much given up on being able to help her to any kind of resolution. I try to stay supportive but detached. And just focus on my own work/life.

My memoir class is going well. There are eight others in the class with me. Got to read their assignments today. There's a lot more to this memoir stuff than it would seem at first glance. Sorting through the wealth of material and memories seems almost impossible to me. We have the second assignment and again, I have no idea where to even start.


Anonymous said...

you said 'long'


Marie said...

I'm known for my shining humor.