Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Very, very sleepy today.

It is day four of the dreadful spring time change. "Spring Forward" - Tra la la. Indeed.

Every part of my being resists suddenly moving our arbitrary yet enforced measure of time one hour out of sync with the sun's movement over the land. I'm one of those people with strong biorhythms and habitual patterns, and to suddenly put those one hour different wrenches me into chaos for a few days.

Oh, the middle of the day is fine. I'm up, active, and engaged in normal tasks. But falling asleep at night has been all wrong. Weirdly, the shift is pushing my natural sleepiness BACK even further, so instead of falling asleep around 10 pm or a bit after, I find myself still awake not only at the new time of 11 pm but at midnight, one am and even later. I wake up at what I feel is 3 am, only to find that my alarm is about to ring.

Bleah. Today I just laid there, stunned and half-conscious for like thirty minutes, trying to summon the will to arise. Monday, I didn't make it at all. I staggered to the kitchen at 6:20, rubbed my eyes blearily, pronounced "This is crazy. And wrong!" and went back to bed, leaving the girls blissfully asleep. When we all awoke a decent couple of hours later, then I took them to school for the rest of the day.

Time is a weird construct to begin with, and screwing around with it just because we can doesn't help its validity.

But now it's- what - 9 am. I'm up, kids are at school (barely- literally seconds before the gates closed), had cereal, washed dishes, laundry, and sat at my computer trying to pull my thoughts together and get coherent for the day. It helps to go over all my clients' needs and make a list of my top priority assignments. So now I have a simple list of about six hours work for the day, plus the main life chores that will have to be done. As long as I just stick to it, I won't have to think too much, and I should be fine.

Only one more dreadful day of school-time awakening before spring vacation starts. If I can just make it to that goal, time will ease up considerably. And I will be able to sleep whenever I want!!

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