Friday, March 9, 2012

Random Friday Thoughts

Okay, well that’s about as long as I can cut and paste before I get both overwhelmed and bored. Besides there is SO much more interesting stuff going on all around me in this sandwich shop. There are literally people all over, some very intriguing ones too. Although maybe most people are equally appealing – or equally unappealing – when it comes down to it!

A stained glass window hangs above the door. Wood-framed like a small painting and suspended by chains 18 inches long, it captures the light coming through the large lintel window. The light almost seems to glow within it. The effect is very green, accentuated by the green boughs of the trees behind it outside. On the left, a man in green and white flowing robes cradles a sheaf of wheat. On the right, a woman lifts her purple tunic and slings a basket of fruit upon her shoulder. In the center, a pale, almost naked figure rests his foot triumphantly on a rock in a verdant field. Above him a platter overflows with harvest and below a Biblical quote unfurls: In the sweat of thy brow shall thou eat thy bread.

I don’t know why but I like the look of it. It seems mystical, lovely. Hopeful. There is so much beauty around me in my daily life, amid the busyness and the small and large pangs of wistful loss or longing or striving. It is somebody’s art. Somebody’s effort. It deserves to be appreciated. Seeing this, noticing this kind of thing, is only one aspect of what I have gained.


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