Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ordinary Day

Work today is more of the usual.

I am juggling back and forth between four jobs, with multiple proposals, programs, and funders to keep track of for each one. It's an overwhelming amount of info except that I have developed really good notetaking and organization systems so that I don't have to remember very much at all. I just go to the next list, or the next file, or the next fact sheet and get whatever information I need.

Because I'm at home, with my family all here, I am juggling interaction with them in as well. When one of my daughters interrupts me for something, I pause and throw in a chore before coming back to my computer.

I just finished washing dishes. Whenever I do that, I try to make time to be mindful and appreciate it. I read a really, really good meditation once about the joy of washing dishes. Taking the time to feel each dish in your hand, and really noticing the warmth of the water and the foamy suds. That piece made a huge impact on me. I have washed dishes with a certain amount of contentment and pleasure ever since.

Whatever ordinary chore your day brings, see if you can treat yourself well by bringing a measure of contentment and joy to it.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh... washing dishes in your own home on a sunny day after horizontal sleet forced you home to a roaring fire just the day before. Discontentment is riding high, but why?


Anonymous said...

Appreciate what you have before you lose it girl, I know I should have...
Next you'll be sobbing unconsolably in the shower.

Marie said...

Hmm. Not sure what you mean about discontentment. I meant this as a post about contentment, and the joy of doing ordinary work. This writing is meant to show appreciation for the ups and downs of an ordinary day. Hmm. Bugs me when I don't express my point well...

As for sobbing, I'm sorry if that's happened to you. In my experience, sobbing is rarely inconsolable. In fact, having some kind words and comfort are usually the best resolution, with letting the emotions run their course a close second. But I hope that whatever is bothering you is okay by now as well.