Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Contentment and Age

Today is devoted solely to doing things that I enjoy. Things that make me feel good about myself and life. I've continued my streak of planning and scheming. I find that the best antidote to feeling a bit blue is to shake yourself out, look around you at all the good things, and then make plans for something to enjoy about the future. That gives something to appreciate right now, and something to anticipate in the future.

Just like the best antidote to feeling sorry for yourself is to get out and help other people in need. It's a wonderful dose of perspective.

So far today I have shared toast and tea with my lovely hubby, helped the daughters on their way into the day, driven to schools, walked the labyrinth, watched a guilty snatch of Mad Men (I am up to Season 2 - only five years behind the cultural curve now!), read the paper, tidied the house, cleaned up the older girl's bedroom on the premise that I simply can't take it anymore, taken myself out for my favorite cafe breakfast, and worked in the sunshine on my writing. AND I have started a story.

I decided that I need to just get going with my children's writing. I've been musing and planning for a bit but now I think I need to just pour some words onto paper. Even though they're not quite right, if I get them down, it's something to work with. Then I can draft and revise. And it may be that the characters and plots sharpen up simply by writing them. The stories are so short that it's silly not to just write them and then write them again.

The rest of the day promises to be very pleasant as well. I've been very low key about the whole thing, and haven't really told my friends about my birthday. Some have remembered all on their own, and sent greetings which is very lovely. I just didn't want anyone to feel obliged.

I'll pick the girls up soon then we are booked in for pedicures. And I'm taking them to a silly Halloween movie. Then S is meeting us for a nice dinner out, and we'll take cake back home where a satisfying stack of gifts awaits. Thanks girl-children!! (B grabbed S by the hand and practically dragged him out of the house to go shopping on Monday evening.)

Goals for the Year - designed to create satisfaction and anticipation:

1. Transform and release 44 pounds of weight (and accumulated stresses) - Exercise every day with yoga, walking, or pilates - Bring all measurements under 44 inches.

2. Complete 44 stories or chapters - Write (mostly) daily.

3. Write at least 4 proposals, LOIs, or applications each week.  

4. Earn $44,000.

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