Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Friendship Trial

My friend just called. I answered because I thought it might be an urgent situation, some sort of emergency with her kids. It was an emergency but just that she had a free hour in middle of day and was feeling super depressed. She's been trying to get back in touch with her ex-boyfriend and start the crazy all over again.

It is really hard to love and support her through this. I'm like, You were miserable. You have to stop. I mean how many times can she create the same situation to suffer through? Even I, even I with my tendancy to hold on to the past and my obsessive brain, even I am moving my life forward and transforming the nature of an older past into something more healthy and different. You can't just keep going back to a situation that didn't work for anyone and trying to revive it -- you have to either drop it or change it, right?

So, my sympathy for her is tempered with impatience. Plus I really needed to get back to my work emails!! After 10 minutes or so of unloading, she thought to ask, Where are you?

When I said I was working at CBTL, she actually said, "Oh, okay, good. Then I'm not interrupting anything important."


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