Monday, October 1, 2012

Merry Robin

What do you think of the above as a writing name? For kids' lit. It came to me earlier and I think I sort of like it. It's cute and cutesy and not too far off my name. I've been working with a robin as a writing emblem for a while now.

I read an interesting set of articles and comments through Rachelle Gardner's blog about whether or not writers should use pseudonyms. In my case, I have a few compelling reasons: 1) my real name is very ordinary and quite common, 2) I already run a writing business under my real name and would probably want to differentiate my other kinds of writing, 3) there is already an author out there, very well published under my name, and I would get confused with her.

Also, I like it because it is SO cheerful. That's me - cheerful. The anecdote to bitterness. There's some sort of cosmic balance there, but I sure as heck don't understand it. I would however, just like to say HA!! I am quite good at finding things -- if I remember to look for them! : )

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