Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Writing Advice

In an effort to inspire myself, and also create a sense of community for my lonelier moments, I've been actively seeking out more blogs about good writing. Whether an individual's or part of a commercial effort or a blog community, these blogs consider writing and being a writer and life. I can click to them at any moment during my work day and get a little shot of new information or inspiration.

As part of that, I've been exploring Writer's Digest Online. I've read WD for years, but I never really sought out this component before. I'm really enjoying it. The amount of information just a few clicks away is astonishing. I do feel like I can build a good connection with writers, editors, even agents through their offerings.

The possibility of it all is almost daunting. But it's very clear to me what the main step forward is. Write. Simply write. Every day. As much as I can. About what interests me. Writing advice.

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