Monday, April 16, 2012

Beautiful Monday

I'm starting this week with more energy than I have for a long while. It was a good weekend; I got two proposals done before deadline, and I knocked out our taxes in a steady six hours of work. It feels great to have that big task done.

We even get a refund so we will finally have a bit of a savings account. With my increased work and pay, we are very close to paying off all our credit debt and starting to build assets for the future. Last night, I told my family (they are used to me talking frequently about money as it's one of my obsessive-track topics):

"I don't think it sounds very motivating to have an Emergency Savings Fund like all the financial advisors suggest. It's like you are planning to have an emergency. Instead let's call it our Trip to Europe Fund, and stock it with enough to cover 3 months of expenses anyway.

And then, after we get to that goal, let's re-name it the B and J Wedding/House Down Payment Account. If we have to save tons of money and have it just sitting around, let's make it seem fun and positive."

Obviously, the girls were all for that. And since the security and happiness of my daughters is my number one guiding principle in living, I like it too.

They've ditched school today (due to minor colds) so while I teach yoga, they're going to work on homework, then we're all going to the mall for lunch at Nordstrom and to buy B some new jeans. She keeps growing so that they don't cover her ankles!

I hope your day is fun and rewarding as well.

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