Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Working with the Past

It's a beautiful rainy day today. An unexpected gift of the season. I wanted to work somewhere with large windows, where I have a view of the cloudy, moving sky, so I'm back at what used to be my favorite cafe.

I walked in with a shock, realizing that I actually haven't been here in months. When my favorite yoga studio was still in this quaint little town, I used to come here all the time. But since the studio closed two years ago, my routines have subtly shifted. My business now tends to take me other places, and I work in other cafes, with better coffee and more reliable wi-fi.

Still though, entering this stuffy, packed room was like walking back into the past. A year or so ago, my friend and I used to meet here to work several times a week. And before that I have memories of this area, when I used to go to the park daily for my exercise and mood-lifts.

I associate this room with a lot of fiction writing, and a lot of blogging as well. And also some good solid proposal work. It's funny to be back here, and remember all of that. I think I'm glad to be so busy, and also that my life continues to evolve and move forward.

Cafes are just fun in general. They are packed during day time hours with people chatting quietly, and leafing through notes, and tapping away at laptops. They are the study centers and the home offices of the 21st century. I much enjoy being a part of that.

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