Friday, April 13, 2012

Miraculous 2012!

I work with a (mostly) sweet, little old lady to plan a big fundraiser every year. Her longtime volunteering and good work in the community has been guided by her motto:

Expect a Miracle!

I realized today that I am expecting my own series of miracles for the rest of this year. There are a few things that I want very badly, and I am going to expect them to happen. So there.

1. Gain total legal freedom. I'm sick of this limbo-land, and am ready to move forward even more with my life.

2. Get fit and in shape. It's cuter, it's healthier, and it makes me a better yoga teacher.

3. Make a LOT of money by working and having a lot of money show up in my life. By the end of the year, I expect $200,000. I don't know yet where all of it can come from, but it will.

4. Revive old friendships. Life has a way of taking us away from those we care about just through circumstance and busy-ness. But friends are life's riches, and are worth some effort. This idea that people who have a difficult past together can't be friends is ridiculous. I've never believed it. How can someone who matters to you just be cut out of your life? We all help make our pasts, and we all live with them, but the past doesn't have to drag into the future. I want the people I've shared my life with to stay close. (Plus I'm fed up with getting emails from people who used to be good friends only because some virus has taken over their account and thinks I will follow the link to a viagra site. That happened twice last week. Sheesh. )

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