Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Excuse Me, Can I Sit Here?

While I am plugging away at these two LOIs I want to complete today - and wondering if my boss is mad at me because they weren't done last week and that's why I haven't heard from her lately - there are tense situations brewing at the ole B&N Cafe.

Apparently we are in the midst of a study rush. Competitive table jockeying is going on. A girl just forced her presence on a poor lady who was sitting alone. "Oh, are you just flipping through magazines," she said with a hostile tone. "I'm going to sit here, okay?" What could the poor lady say? Although it was clear she didn't like it. The girl swiped a chair from a nearby table and plonked her stack of textbooks down.

Then the people returned to their table, and wanted to know where their third chair had gone. Whoops. I quietly cleared everything off my extra chair which holds my laptop bag and stuff. I didn't want to get sucked in to the melee of chair grabbing. Apparently though, my age and intense typing makes me seem like I'm working hard, and thus, exempt from annoying. Good to know.

Seems like everything's settled now. You just never know where a dramatic scene is going to unfold. See, this is why I like the variety of public places.

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