Friday, May 11, 2012

The Truth, Work, and Play

Since I've worked nonstop for the last five hours, now I get the little reward response of writing about my own life. :)

I took a polygraph yesterday; it was a surprisingly positive experience. Would it be weird to say that I enjoyed it as a very interesting event? The examiner was super and explained so much to me; he said that I am his very favorite kind of client - someone who comes in telling the truth completely and being straightforward. He said he hates, hates, hates doing infidelity cases. He feels like they're just a waste of time and money all around. So much so that he charges like three times his usual price just to dissuade people. He says he prefers to steer them to counseling.

Anyone who knows me will not be surprised that I sailed through a polygraph. Telling the truth is my biggest strength. And my biggest weakness. I have a horrible time with knowing when NOT to be an open book, just feeling like I can and should tell people anything about me. Not to say I'm one of those chatty types who sits down on a park bench and spills my life to a total stranger. But all of my friends and close acquaintances will know most of my backstory. To me, that's just the simple way - then I never have to hold back my comments or worry about referring to my own experiences. Most people only want to talk about their own lives most of the time anyway which suits me very well. I like listening and learning.

Anyway, I'll be writing more about my polygraph when I get a chance. I want to process it and capture it. I may write a memoir some day. Or, more likely, I'd love to do a bit of research and write a freelance article with a firsthand experience as the hook.

But I've pretty much been working nonstop since yesterday, and have a pretty busy weekend booked up, what with Mother's Day and all. Plus all these May birthdays. Why are SO many people born in May??? I'm not making up that we have another party to attend tomorrow. And then my girls are invited to three, yes, THREE, back to back parties next weekend. They will party from 6 pm Friday all the way to 6 pm Sunday. That's a tiring weekend social schedule. It's the price to pay for having so many friends!!!

My husband and I hope to sneak out and see The Avengers. I'm a huge Joss Whedon fan so I'm looking forward to some popcorn-and-cinema time. And sleep. My first goal for the weekend is sleep. My second goal is to wrap the loads of presents I've procured for our mothers. My third goal is to clean out my own closet. And, as usual of late, I have one proposal per day to finish, even through the weekend. It's this damn fundraiser I'm planning. It's taking all of my normal work/writing time. I've just spent six hours on it today alone. Thankfully, it takes place in three weeks. And then I'll be FREE!!!

(Okay, I'll probably still be pretty expensive actually. I'm really not very cheap to be around. But I'll have more time at my disposal.)

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