Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Good Day to Practice Calm

It's another day, and I'm glad.

Whenever a day gets hard, whenever I'm super-anxious, or feeling overwhelmed, or stressed, I know that all I need to do is sit back and let time pass. By waiting, I can let the feelings slip away. New, better feelings come to take their places. Always. I've learned that waiting is almost always better than acting too quickly and making mistakes.

By practicing calm, I welcome it into my life. And with it, contentment. Stability. Joy. Abundance. Yes, some days are hard, and some days are good -- that is the nature of life.

I have strategies that I actively use to bring myself balance. I walk outside; I watch funny tv; I phone friends and share. I exercise and I eat healthful, delicious food. If I need to, I don't hesitate to reach out for help to someone I know is in a more balanced place than I am. I've learned that sometimes it's just right to let friends or family help in making decisions.

I don't always have to do everything all on my own. I can hand over the responsibility to someone trustworthy for a while, and just take a break.

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