Friday, May 4, 2012

This is Fun

Finally, it's Friday, and my week is winding down.

It's been a long one, but I've done a great job of staying caught up with everything life has given to me. Right now, I'm out and about, coordinating details for the upcoming fundraising event.

I'm currently hanging out at the event location, and making sure that the wifi connection here is reliable. I'm basically in the foyer to a large college lecture room. There's a long folding table, and one office chair, along with various couches and coffee tables. So I've set up this makeshift office right here. I have my laptop, my cell phone, files spread all around me on the table. I'm looking out the window at a trickling fountain filled with koi and lily pads. College students wander by occasionally and give me odd looks.

Otherwise, though, it's suprisingly peaceful and productive. It's really not a bad office at all. And the wifi is good, and everything is free. I didn't even have to buy a cup of coffee!

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