Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday in the Bookstore

At the cafe table next to me, the young man is wearing cologne with such a strong "woodsy" note that it smells like someone's been chipping cedar trees into bags of shavings. Not at all unpleasant, sort of relaxing actually, but quite, quite pronounced.

We've driven all the way to this coastal city only to stall out at the mall and work in the B & N cafe. Kind of funny really. We could have done this in our own home, or nearby. But I'm typing and the girls are doing homework and S is browsing, so we are all quite content for now. So we won't swim in the ocean today. That's okay. We're here and we're now.

Hope you are as well. What about you? How's everything going with your time lately? Everything okay and good??

It's all stories, you know. It's almost all just the stories we choose to tell...

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