Thursday, November 29, 2012

Memoir Writing

Okay, so I was thinking this over this morning while I read the writing lesson for the week and waited for my friend. Writing for me falls into levels of difficulty. Among the genres I commonly write in, there's a clear heirarchy of challenge for me. Listed below, in order from most difficult to easiest:
Proposals and Applications
Blog Posts

Probably, memoir is easy for me because most of my blog posts essentially ARE memoir. Just little outputs of words about my life and thoughts.

The assignment for this week is a bit tough. We have to practice writing Memoir based on Time Connections. So I have to think of two completly separate moments in my life - moments that changed me in some way - that are connected despite a big time gap between them. And then draw some reflective lesson from that.

So far, I am completely stumped. I can think of lots of moments. Lots and lots and lots of moments. So far, no two disparate moments are springing up on the slot machine of my mind as a MATCH. Ding ding. Somehow connected across time to give me a lesson. Hmmm.

See how tough that is?

I suppose I could take any two moments and create a connection between them. Obviously there will be some kind of Venn Diagram overlap. But I'm waiting for something to suggest itself.

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