Monday, November 5, 2012

Speed Writing

I forget, when I'm not taking classes, just how quickly I can write when I AM taking a class. And have an assignment due.

I started my memory of an accomplishment last night and finished today. A cool 1000 words jotted down in between CBTL and lunch at the sandwich shop. Total time working - probably less than 90 minutes. And it came out pretty well too. Once I had my topic and got a good start, the rest of it came together with a nice focus.

It just surprises me that I can write several pages so quickly. I mean I know I write fast on this blog. But this is just a blog. It's top of my head, when I have something to say. The posts don't have to hang together or have any consistency, or even any point.

I got to thinking about that. If I wrote just 500 words per day, I'd have 150,000 words easily over the course of a single year. That's a good size novel or nonfiction work. Just one single hour of writing for the same goal each day and I would be churning out submissible items. Hmmm. When writing is really so accessible to those who know how to do it, you have to wonder what's holding the ones who could do it but don't back?

For the love of God, or at least the love of writing, we should all be nicely saying to ourselves: please, please write something more. Let those words out there into the world!

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