Monday, November 5, 2012

The Keeper of Cares

[Stream of Consciousness Post - Deleted] of consciousness often isn't that coherent. Nor is it necessary.

My problem is I've gotten very used to posting to this blog. To the point where I don't feel that I've processed something unless I've written and posted it. Usually that's just fine. But occasionally I have thoughts that are not public (shocking, I know) and that I want to express simply for my own good. Then I have a bit of an issue. I dance along the line of private-public expression anyway, on my best days.

But I particularly like the title of this post, so I want to keep it and remind myself to write something around it.

I've been immersed in fairy tales lately. I've always loved them and as a girl I read thousands of them, countless anthologies worth. Lately I've been reading some updated versions as well as netflixing Once Upon a Time with the family. There's something so elemental about fairy tales, something very basic in their narratives, their tropes, and in the broad human struggles that they depict in simple terms.

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