Thursday, November 1, 2012

Writing Support

One joy of having a bit less on my mind is that I find myself turning my focus back to my writing. I'm picking up the pace in my work routines; I'm enrolled for a class in Memoir, which should be a great fun trip over the next month; I'm plunging ahead with my new children's stories; and now, best of all, I can pull out all my previously written work and finally, finally!, get it into an aggressive submission cycle under my preferred pen name. Yay and double yay!

Don't know if you've noticed but I like to support my writing by keeping up with current trends and topics. So, the bloglist on the right was updated about a month ago, and now includes a nice smattering of sites with ideas and comments about living with writing as a lovely companion. Just if it interests you, reader. But I know that most of you do enjoy writing, or you wouldn't read this blog. : )

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