Friday, November 9, 2012

Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

I just got off the phone.

First of all, my longest term client said that they love working with me, that I'm a great value, and that they definitely plan to continue throughout 2013. Good!

Second, my old boss called. She has a massive new client coming on board and totally wants me back working with her. As long as all goes well with them, I GET MY JOB BACK! Yay. Double YAY!! It really sucked being laid off, and I was totally depressed. Plus I missed collaborating with M every week.

Looks like I'll be entering 2013 with viable employment and the ability to help support my family.

It ALWAYS turns out like this when I sign up for a writing class. It's like Magic. No sooner do I make the commitment to push my skills forward then new opportunities open up.

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