Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Busy Return to the Schedule

The first step is a doozy...

This week back to school and work has been quite packed! We're celebrating our older daughter's birthday with a few evening events. Last night we took her and her sis to a small theme park where they had the run of the place.

Then my friend's wedding is this weekend. So every day has brought a new series of wedding-based errands. I had no idea how much stuff I was going to have to buy to get my appearance ready! I just didn't think it through. Not just the dress but little stuff like hairspray and hair clips and eye shadow and new foundation. It's been this long list of details. I will be SO GLAD to see the wedding over, both to celebrate with my friend and to be done with all this!!

Then there's the normal homework load, plus all the housework back on my shoulders now that everyone else is gone so much. Got the tires rotated yesterday and bought rat chow. Just all the little stuff. I have to say that I think next week will be much, much easier!

Bit by bit. Bird by bird, I keep saying to myself. Just do the next item on the list.

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