Saturday, January 26, 2013

Back to My Natural State

A very mellow Saturday. I slept in and stocked up on sleep, then met a few friends for coffee and chat. Back at home, the family was mellow. They didn't want to go anywhere in particular. So much for my hopes for the coast and the mall. It had stopped raining, but it was still grey and cloudy enough that I didn't mind hanging out at home.

But first, I had to go take care of a matter of personal grooming. I wanted my fake nails OFF. I subjected my hands to acrylic tips two weeks ago, as a bridesmaid criteria for the wedding. The French manicure was lovely. My nails were long and glossy. And oddly false. They felt like the plastic they were, and clicked disconcertingly when I typed. Plus they kept hitting the wrong keys and making me mess up my texts. They were three times as thick as my usual nails. And after a few weeks, they were starting to peel a bit around the edges and feel sort of itchy. So I gave the shop more money to take them away.

That was the most uncomfortable process I've ever had done in a salon. It involved rounds of soaking my hands in pure acetone - which I hope doesn't make my skin peel - and then having the layers of plastic actually buzz-filed off the surface of my real nail. The acrylic started to melt and stick to my fingertips. Bits of filings flew through the air, so much so that I closed my eyes to protect my vision. The kicker was when the manicurist had to use a new plastic nail to pry the fake ones off the top of mine. It felt soooo odd.

At the end, my nails looked terrible. They are ragged and thin. Their surfaces are all scratched and marred. I came home and soaked in oil and then buffed and buffed. But now they can grow back.

And at least they are all mine. Ahhh, functional nails again.

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