Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Awards Assembly

Just put in my mandatory appearance at January's student of the month assembly to clap and beam as B got a medal for being one of the school's ten Science Fair winners.

Both of my closest school-mom friends were there; one's daughter was student of the month, the other won Science Fair along with B. In fact. all five of the fifth and sixth grade winners were girls, which was interesting.

Here's something I noticed: you really can't seat a bunch of elementary school-moms in folding chairs lined up right next to each other. We just don't fit. It made for a very close and supportive bunch of parents as we sat leg to leg, side to side, and shoulder to shoulder, having to coordinate our clapping.

In the parking lot, some of my favorite moms got a bit rowdy as we agreed on what a hassle science fair projects are in general, and how very little the teachers comprehend just how much work goes into them. The real creativity comes out in trying to find an idea that works and in trying to get the stupid experiment done right. One mom had us in stitches with her tale of pulling data off the internet, and then trying to speed-dehydrate fruit enough to take photos before the project was due. They only had a few hours so they used the oven, foil, heat lamps and even a hair dryer. That's the real spirit of Science, right there!

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