Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Lull

J's birthday this week turned out really well. It sort of sucks to have your birthday in January, coming right behind the whole holiday season. Usually people aren't in much of a mood to celebrate.

So we've learned with our daughter to push the social celebration of her birthday back at least a week and usually two, towards the end of the month when people have recovered their social momentum a bit. This year she opted for a sleepover with friends. While I'll sacrifice sleep that night, at least it's cheap and easy to plan.

Her real birthday is usually just a family thing. We had fun though. One night we went to an amusement park and out to dinner. The next night we did dinner with our family and the grandparents, with the cake, candles and presents.

This morning, my alarm went off and I simply could not wake up. I was exhausted. I hit the snooze four times and finally gave up. I dragged myself out of bed, mumbled at the daughters that they could sleep in a bit and I would take them to school late, then fell right back into bed. Now we're all awake and m e l l ow. We took a vote and decided to skip school for the day. I don't want them to get overtired and then get sick, especially with that flu going around. I know tonight and tomorrow are going to be busy and late because of the wedding.

Plus my younger daughter could use the time to work on her science fair project. It's worth HALF of their science grade for the semester, is due on Monday, and the teacher has given them zero prep time or input except for handing out the packet of guidelines. She hasn't even cut back on their homework. You can tell that her own kids are still too young and she's never done a science fair project of her own yet. They normally take between 10 - 20 hours of labor, depending on what the experiment is. So we'll work on that a bit today and then all day Sunday. Yay??

Now though, I have to go pick up my altered dress, which I just pray will fit and look fine, otherwise I have a disaster on my hands. Then because my nails all broke last week, I have to get fake ones put on. Just more time and money. I don't even like fake nails. But seriously, my nails look the worst they have in yearsso I have to make the effort for the bride's photos. I think it's the cold, dry weather.

I was supposed to finish a planning project for a client this week. He wanted to phone conference today. Even though I know it's not very responsible, I was so glad when I finally checked my email this am, and he was pushing it off to next week! Yay - a reprieve for the procrastinator!! And I can't even feel that bad about it, because I really have been doing my very best to fit everything in all week. One more flock of birds will be done by tonight, another huge one by tomorrow, and then a few more by Sunday.

I am really looking forward to Monday, where the week should begin to be "normal" and I just have school and work (and yoga) , with no special occasions!

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