Friday, January 18, 2013

Work Choices

Okay, it is Friday, the second work week of the year... and I am finally at work.

Actually made a plan, and have a conference call in an hour, and from there will have 40 more hours of work for January for this client. Plus have split the rest of the applications up evenly by deadline throughout 2013, so that should be more organized. We're developing and describing a new program for 2013 that I think will draw funding too.

Then next two weeks should be more open for working so I can cultivate some new clients. I even hope to start an active submission cycle for my other writings. All good.

Should I publish my children's stuff under the same name as my fiction writing? Or should I use one name for adult fiction and a different one for children's? It's a tough call, that one. I think the children's stuff is more likely to get picked up, and be better known. I've already decided to do my grant work and nonfiction writing related to nonprofit issues under my real name so that will be my professional identity. Is it too confusing to have a nonfiction/work name, a fiction name, and a children's name? That does sound like a lot...

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