Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Project Starts

I was a bit behind with my blog entries. So I allowed myself the time to catch up a bit before I lose the topics I wanted to capture here, in this chronicle of my days.

Now I'm trying to convince my ADHD brain that it really would enjoy moving right into work. I have more funder research to do, I suppose, before I go on to writing the next program description. Doesn't that sound fun? Yes. Yes, it does.

I like working. I really do. It's peaceful and satisfying. And I get paid.

I had a long client conference Friday, and we've devised a lovely work plan and strategy for the whole year. That's stable and motivating.

Also I was playing with Phoebe last night. I know I haven't written much about her for a while, but she's still adorable. She's aging fast though, which is a bit sad. But she's having a lovely life with a super large cage and loving rat friends and tons of yummy treats every day. And I try to let them out and play on most days. Anyway, my little niece and nephew (along with their parents) are coming for a long weekend next month. And I'm thinking that it would be so fun to have a whole bunch of Phoebe stories written that I could sit down and read to them. I think we'll be babysitting quite a lot. They're the perfect ages for a target market audience focus group. : ) So that's a bit of a deadline on that.

Oh, and I have a possible name. What do you think of Emma Robin? Emma Robin, lovely children's writer. I know it's a bit British, but that is my cultural heritage, so I think that's okay. I really feel that I want one writing name for "literary" fiction and another for the kiddies. Is that silly?

Now I know that because of the ADHD, I'll start lots of projects but not finish them. Still though, starting more stuff does give me good odds on at least completing a few! :)

May at least some of our projects get finished. With great success!

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