Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chance Meetings that are Predictable

I ran into Heather yesterday. Right before we met, I knew that we probably would.

I had been to a really good yoga practice at the studio I like now. Honestly, I do enough yoga teaching these days that it's sort of a blessed relief to just be able to practice at my own pace, not having to think of anyone else, and not having to TALK at all. I LOVE practicing in my own silence. During my classes, I'm pretty good at narrating the way through the poses, I use this sort of stream of consciousness description for my students, without talking too much. But still, sometimes I long to be quiet and just be in the poses. And that's exactly what I get to do when I'm just one of the students.

Heather closed her studio in 2010. It left this huge void in my life, a big loss of a place that to me was purely spiritual and safe. To this day, I never practice without moving back into that dim, soothing spot in my memory, linking the past and the present in a gap through time's fabric.

Anyway, yesterday, I stopped at a sandwich place to grab some to-go lunch. I go there occasionally but hadn't been for months. I remembered that one time I bumped into Heather there. And that's when I knew I'd see her again.

Sure enough, as I was walking out the door, she came in. We gave big smiles and hugged. She's always busy, but it's nice to see her. I'm thinking of going back to her in 2013 and doing some life coaching-hypnosis work. I hesitate only because of the money/time commitment, but I think I should take advantage of the resource she offers while she is still available. I've learned in life that things have a way of changing unexpectedly. : ) (See previous post above, which actually will now be written after this one. So that's weird, huh? For you, the reader, the time line of blog posts flips. And, yes, I know I could set the display differently. But it's kinda cool. Bow ties are cool! too. I've been watching a lot of the new Dr. Who. Incarnation 11 has a bow tie.)

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