Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's nice. Right??

Okay, here's the email I finally drafted. Geez. School.

I am truly sitting here wondering if we could just drop out of school and learn from home. I don't know if that would work, logistically and interpersonally, but I do get SO tired of it and its neverending falderol!
Mrs. H-

Sorry about this morning - I didn't want to disrupt classroom activities. We've just been struggling a bit to get B to eat a good breakfast before she heads off to school. I can wake her up on time, and provide a hot breakfast for her, but ultimately she has to eat it. Today, as often, she avoided it and then brought it in the car and then didn't eat.

I just feel that on a daily basis she needs to have at least some food in her stomach to prepare her for the activities and learning of the day. I know when she doesn't eat enough, she complains of being tired, and not concentrating at school, and she's in a worse mood. I would have preferred that she take a few bites without having to leave class, but if I needed to remove her to have her realize how important nutrition is to her health and learning, I am willing to do that.

We will continue to try to address this at home, as well as get her more sleep time. I'm really sorry that it worked out that she missed out on the opening activities - she was very worried about being behind.

Just wanted to fill you in, and thank you for your support.

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