Monday, January 28, 2013


Oh well.

I knew that a request probably wouldn't yield much response. That's okay. Big picture, it's just me here. Just me, in myself, at my keys. Just me, deciding what to do next. Deciding how to feel. Deciding the course of several people's lives day by day, since for some reason they all think that I'm the one with the responsibility to handle it.

Our finances really need to improve. This weekend I started encouraging my husband to take up gambling as a hobby. I wasn't kidding. He's pretty good at poker, and plays online all the time. So I said, Why don't you take a set amount of money and see if you can create income? Sort of a side job.

That's how much we need to create alternate revenue streams.

This morning I was thinking of a quote I like by Ray Bradbury. About how when you sit down to write your story, it is just you there. You are the one who determines everything, regardless of what other people think. It's like that in life too. What I do is up to me:

"All you umpires, back to the bleachers. Referees, hit the showers.
It’s my game. I pitch, I hit, I catch. I run the bases.
At sunset I’ve won or lost.
At sunrise, I’m out again, giving it the old try.

And no one can help me. Not even you."

- Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451, Coda

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