Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday and Work Routines

Good morning!

So, it's Tuesday. Everyone's back to school with a routine that's worked well so far, and I am left to get on with my "real" work life.

Thinking back over the span of my careers, I'd say the ADHD has worked in my favor until recently. In fact, I probably can barely be technically diagnosed with it, as one of the DSM criteria is that the traits have to impede function in two or more areas, and for me, they really haven't. I simply went into very active, very decision-dense jobs - first waitressing and then teaching - where the extra activity of my brain was never even noticable. I mean, when you're in charge of 30 teens, you sort of have to be able to switch your attention from thing to thing many times per minute!

These last few years have been tougher. Sometimes the writing goes really well for me, and other times I struggle to start. Well, now at least I understand why! So, for 2013, I'm experimenting with having a more fixed work schedule. Just like all people in regular jobs are forced to have. I'll be at my desk, usually at home, from 8:30 - 11:30 every morning. If I get the habit of really focusing and accomplishing my grant work for at least that much time every day, it will be a consistent improvement and I have no doubt that it will lead to steady opportunities and dependable income. Once I adapt to that, then I'll add the fiction writing time along with it.

And the rest of the time I'll keep managing the household and being the mom which easily fills the days anyway. I'm sure that right now, with an 11 year old and an almost 14 year old, are probably the most occupied and demanding days of my entire life. So, I'm just relaxing into the demands as best I can, knowing that soon enough the girls will be a different stage, and then my days will open up again.

Eventually I would probably like a full time job, with advancement, and a work place and co-workers. And a salary! But now I know that it will have to be something interesting, varied and engaging for me to succeed. In the meantime, I really enjoy this life of caring for my family, writing from home, and being free to run here and there during the day as the whim strikes me. Lucky, huh?

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