Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winning Entry

Not to be all about the older daughter, either.

B had quite an accomplishment in her own right last week.

After all those hours spent creating her Science Fair Project, it actually WON. It was one of only ten chosen among the hundreds at her school as the best. That means that she now continues on to compete against sixth to eighth graders at the District level.

We didn't even want to win. We only did the project because it was required by her teacher and will be a big chunk of her science grade for semester two. Of course, it was interesting, and B did her best work. She's actually won quite a lot when I think about it. We've devotedly put our best into Science Fair Projects since first grade. Actually B might have started in kindergarten.?

I know she won in first grade (that was the year that J got third in third grade too), and then in third grade (when J also won in fifth) and now in sixth grade. So that's like she's winning and moving to the next level half the time. One of her best friends won too, as their family is also quite competitive with the fair, and they put a lot of time and effort in. Between our two families, we've gone up to the district level a lot. Their older daughter even went on to the Regional competition one year. Like I said, geeky friends too.

I guess those hours of planning, experimenting and work do pay off. I know that I'm super proud of B, especially since the project hypothesis was all her own idea.

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