Friday, September 7, 2012

Action Plan's come to this.

Oh no, that's a punchline. Hold on. Let's be serious.

So... I have a tremendous opportunity to re-invigorate my work life. The parameters are flexible, and now is the time to pull in all the things I have learned about successful business practices over the last years. Life is inviting me to buckle down and create a thriving clientele.

And to do that, I need a plan.

I. Time
My ideal work week is about 25 hours. 20 hours is better, leaving me 5-10 hours for my own writing projects and this blog.

From here, I need to commit 25 hours per week -- or five per day-- to making a hugely successful writing business.

II. Collaboration
If she's interested, I prefer to bring my boss along on this. She has the business set up and the website so it's just a question of working together with her business name. If she's not interested in getting busier, then I have to go it alone.

III. Goals
To help good nonprofits serve their causes more effectively
To serve four clients by the start of October
To serve six to ten steady clients by the end of 2012
To generate $10,000 per month in business income
To consistently grow, learn, and build new business possibilities
To win grants regularly for clients
To create regular marketing and promotional materials

IV. Research
Job Openings in the Area
Advertising options
Currently working grant writing firms
Nonprofit issues
SoCal nonprofits

V. Promotion
Resume and Letter for posted openings
Letter to send to targeted nonprofits
Article with returned postcard
Redesign website
Pre-write service value articles
Add updated service articles

VI. Action - Next Steps
Prep stuff for/call and get added to consultant list
Join grantwriting group
Write articles
Write letter
Send info to M
Online research
Network - Call/email current nonprofit contacts for leads

This looks fun. A woman sitting in the cafe just asked her husband: "What if Opportunity knocks and you can't find the door?" Indeed -- you don't want to miss the knock of possibility.

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