Saturday, September 29, 2012

Happy Saturday

It's a nice day. We're taking it easy. We've been "going over the accounts", sorting through our expenses and incomes. Looks pretty good actually. We still have a huge deficit each month, but it's not going to stay that way.

We had a huge fight Thursday about nothing really. Just cumulative work stress. Now we're in the communication phase and looking clearly at the facts. Ha. It never hurts to present a clear picture of your accomplishments and worth, even to your life partner. (Actually, maybe especially to your life partner, as they are stuck with you so much of the time. :)  )

I feel recharged and more positive about the next three months. Must be the hint of autumn in the air.

I found a nice affirmation in the bookstore last night: I am abundance, I am wealth, I am joy.

I really like it. It immediately shifts your thinking. I realized that one most amazing abundance we enjoy is seemingly limitless clean, cool water. Even such a basic part of life, one so easily overlooked in our modern world, is amazingly rich. We are very blessed.

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