Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Reflection

The weekend was pretty good. We all started out stressed and tired. Both S and I have been worn down lately by work pressures, but overall, we're getting along well, and the girls are too.

Friday we cancelled the fair, and just stayed home for pizza - something we seem to be opting for more often these days. Saturday, same story. All of us just wanted to hang out and accomplish things at home. We cleaned a bit. I cleaned out the hall closet and was able to find storage space for my "gift corner" and also my growing purse collection. The biggest thrill of the day was a trip to Trader Joe's for the week's groceries. Ya - hoo! Sunday started tense but we all settled down and had a nice breakfast. Went to the mountains for a small hike and bought some apples. We wanted to see S's parents, but they weren't feeling up to visitors. Aging parents are sort of depressing, especially if the relationship is a bit strained. I told S, They used to be in the middle and your grandparents were old. Now they're the old ones and we're in the middle. It makes me feel older too.

My challenge this week is to embrace work enthusiastically and to feel confident that more work is headed my way. If I put in the hours and the effort, it will come. I made a new schedule this weekend that splits my time up, and I'm commiting 70 hours each week divided between my work here at home and the four different jobs I'm getting going this fall. It's pretty much how my time naturally divides anyway.

As long as I see the writing, the nonprofits and the shopping as fun, then it's a pretty satisfying way to spend my time.

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